Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storage system for wrapping paper

Gift wrapping paper has always been a pain to store. Inspired by several similar arrangements on Pinterest, we made our own gift wrapping organization and storage system, on the inside of a clothes cabinet door.

For storing rolls of gift-wrapping paper, we used one of the (in Finland) ubiquitous Lanka & Muovi bathroom shelves, which consist of metal wire covered with a softer white plastic. We removed the lower parts of the two upper shelves with a wire cutter. The leftover wire stubs were smoothed down with a Dremel.

The result was two square ring-like supports over a deeper shelf, good for an almost infinite number of paper rolls!

Next, we used two Lanka & Muovi bars to make a holder for gift wrapping ribbon rolls. The bars (I really don't know what they're meant for in their original form) needed to be separated from the wall to make space for the ribbon rolls, we did this with some pieces of wood we had lying around.

We sawed off one end of the metal bars, and put in a hook for that end to rest on. This makes the ribbon rolls re-arrangeable without having to remove the entire thing!

Another bathroom shelf serves as storage for other gift-wrapping miscellanea: scissors, tape, gift bags, cards, markers...


  1. Det var den fiffigaste lösningen jag sett på ett stort förvaringsproblem. Duktiga ni!

    1. Det blev nog kompakt och bra. De där pappersrullarna är spretiga och besvärliga föremål annars. Jag är glad åt hur bandförvaringen blev.


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