Monday, August 22, 2011


Testing the Meccano set.

First off: a street cleaning truck. Then a motorcycle.

Some extra wheels on the motorcycle for balance. It's really quite fast with just the 3V battery pack, now we just need a bigger apartment.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Made some beads from Fimo polymer clay. Some translucent green ones of various shapes, with some "gold" leaf mixed in. The green is a mix of 1 part green, 2 parts orange, 4 parts yellow and 4 parts white, all translucent. I was perhaps hoping for a more subdued mustardy shade to go with the gold, but apparently that green pigment is quite strong. I sanded and polished them, and added varnish, which was a pain.

The pink in the stars is 2 parts "raspberry" and 1 part "lavender", I think it works quite well with the black.

Used the black stars for a bracelet, together with two sizes of black wooden beads.
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