Saturday, October 6, 2012


Yesterday, I finished working on an idea for I had for learning to use Blender, an open-source program for making three-dimensional models. The result is called Botany, it's also on my art page.

Basically, I wanted to make something that utilizes and shows off the flat surfaces used in 3D modelling. Usually, one tries to hide away the sharp edges and use tons of triangles and effects to make it look organic. The other main idea was to make an image that's supposed to be two-dimensional, and not a snapshot of a 3D scene (which it is, too, nevertheless).

The idea came from designing boxes for the platform game. The thought is to draw simple sectors on a square, and shade them in a way that's compatible with a three-dimensional interpretation.
I thought up as many of these sectored squares as I could, and constructed and arranged them in Blender. The main part of the work was placing the nodes and connecting the right ones, to form the geometry I wanted.

As a bonus, I took some landscape snapshots as well. I used Blender's depth-of-field feature, which I probably don't know enough about, but as you can see, the result isn't that great on edges with a high contrast.

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