Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another batch of soap

We made another batch of transparent glycerin soap, using the same recipe as the last time. These above are the results.

We were so confident this time that we left the pot in the oven unguarded, and it boiled over! Or exploded, or something. Fluffy dry soap-clouds everywhere. At this point I was sure the batch was ruined! But we just scooped it all back in the pot, added some alcohol and melted it again, and everything turned out fine.

We used small soaps and scraps from the previous batch for decoration in the new ones - we arranged the old soaps in the forms, and poured new melted soap over. The aluminum foil is for keeping the round forms straight in the freezer, until the soap solidifies.

The soaps made in largish square forms I cut into three parts (for symmetry) to create reasonably size hand soaps.

Some of the finished soaps wrapped in strips of paper, as a gift wrap.


  1. Ni har nog en konstig ugn!

  2. Så fina tvålar! Man nänns knappt använda dem!

    1. Tack! Men man ska använda dem - en orsak att laga mer. Dessutom är den trevlig att använda, jag gillar konsistensen i vår åtminstone.


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