Thursday, September 27, 2012

Printable Wall Calendar For 2013

Photos of a wall calendar for 2013.

Time for printing a new wall calendar for the coming year 2013. This one is similar to the one for 2012 - I made the days a bit bigger, and interwove the months to a continuous flow of days, to save some space. To identify the months, I gave each month its own color. Not sure how happy I am with these changes, but I'll just have to try it in real life and see what improvements I can come up with for 2014...

The calendar is on two pages, with January to June on the first and the rest on the second. The weeks begin with Mondays. Weekends are marked by a less bright white than the week days.

Download the pdf and print it on a regular printer. (The Google Docs viewer doesn't seem to understand transparency, so it doesn't show the month names or the weekend day boxes, but they'll be there when you print.)

The calendar is made in Inkscape, my favorite free vector graphics editor. The correct date/weekday arrangement for 2013 comes from Inkscape's Extensions -> Render -> Calendar function.

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