Sunday, March 18, 2012

Twirly flower beads and bracelet

I used the square flower cane from a previous post to make large square beads. I cut slices from the cane, and put some matching turquoise clay in between two slices. Pierced them twice with the needle tool. Also made some matching spacer beads, and some small flat flower beads from leftovers from the square cane.

Thick chunky beads form a huge bracelet. The double holes need a double loop of string (or rubber band), but by crossing the string at one point, I only needed to make one knot.


  1. Va fina! Imponerande att få dom där detaljerna på såna små saker.

    Kommer vi förresten också att få se den vackra robotarmén här?


    1. Jo, snart :), posten är nästan klar.


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