Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mini lanterns on a LED series

I made a set of small paper lanterns for a LED light series we have on a wall (indoors!). The paper lanterns are stylish and easy to make - they are a standard type of origami called 'fusen', which means balloon. I learned about them from the book The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts by Mari Ono. These little cubes are inflated after folding, and the air hole was very convenient for putting the fusen on a LED lamp.

The ones I made for this project are quite small. I used 7.5x7.5 cm paper, and the side of the cube is always a quarter of the side of the paper you started with. Since the LEDs don't give off any heat, the small size is not a problem. The origami paper diffuses the light very nicely, and the colors of the papers show up very bright.

Best of all, the color scheme infinitely adjustable, just by adding and removing colors according to seasons, holidays and moods!

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