Monday, August 20, 2012

Beads from scraps

Using leftover Fimo clay from the previous two projects, the instruction beads and the red flower cane, I made some sets of mixed striped beads. Below are the basic steps: rolling out the different-colored scrap pieces and bunching them together, then rolling out the bunch, cutting up and re-bunching and so on, twisting slightly, and the stripes get thinner.

When I was happy with the stripes, I cut the roll into pieces and formed round beads. Part of the roll I made thinner, and squared it before cutting, creating small elongated square beads.

Above are also shown some darker beads made with a similar method, with scraps from the instruction beads.

This single bead is made from leftovers of the petal in the red flower - the bead actually shows the pink-and-orange stripes which were supposed to show in the red flower as well, but the pattern got way to small when reducing...

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