Thursday, July 26, 2012

File for laser cutting girih tiles

The laser cutter reads vector graphics; a red line means 'cut' and a black surface means 'engrave'. I made an svg file with the girih tiles placed side by side. You can download the file, visit your local Fab Lab, and make your own girih tiles! There is some room for improvement in the file - each side is cut twice, which is a waste of time and possibly burns the acrylic more than necessary. This file works fine, but it would be even better if one would remove those double lines.

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Contents of the file:

At the sides of each piece, there is a 'teeth' pattern, which I put there to make the pieces align better. Another 'innovation' is the double black line that forms the outline of a rope tied in an infinite knot, with a crossing at the sides of each girih piece. It turned out that it is possible to design the tiles so that the rope regularly passes above, then below, then above... for any pattern that one builds with them.

More pictures of the tiles and of the laser cutting process.
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