Sunday, November 27, 2011

Leaf cane and beads

Trying out an idea for a Fimo polymer clay cane with a leaf pattern. Above left: the cane before reducing. Above right: Slices from the leaf cane on beads, before going into the oven. The squares are 1 cm.

The beads after curing (baking in oven). Above, the bead surface before sanding. The colors changed quite a lot - the background, which was pale violet, probably contained some translucent clay, since it darkened so much.

The round beads look like blueberries, with a painted-on blueberry leaf pattern, silly... For the flat beads, I added a pale clay layer before slicing. It was supposed to be a pale gold frame, but it mostly looks like someone's finger was cut to pieces, and happened to have a blueberry pattern inside :) 


  1. The round beads look very pretty to me

  2. Ja mina fingrar ser iaf ut sådär på insidan. Gör inte allas det? Höhö.

    Fint blev det!

  3. Gunilla: thanks! Veronika: jo, och tack!

  4. A terrible talk of fingers here... but I like the beads.


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