Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Another Hama bead project! I was attempting something larger than one peg board, 2 by 2 square boards. Since I own only one of these boards, I had to iron the beads of one square when they filled the board, and then iron the four of them together afterwards. I drew the motive first as vector graphics, and then pixellated it to match one bead - one pixel. The letter is a Garamond lower case 'r', which I cut in the middle to make it shorter. Colors 04 Orange, 60 Teddybear brown (more like yellow), 27 Beige, 21 Light brown, 17 Grey, and 31 Turquoise.

Ironing them together was not as easy as I thought, so for larger projects, maybe I should just get some more peg boards... Color & shapes in hindsight: more orange, less beige, more structure, less random curves.

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