Sunday, August 14, 2011


Made some beads from Fimo polymer clay. Some translucent green ones of various shapes, with some "gold" leaf mixed in. The green is a mix of 1 part green, 2 parts orange, 4 parts yellow and 4 parts white, all translucent. I was perhaps hoping for a more subdued mustardy shade to go with the gold, but apparently that green pigment is quite strong. I sanded and polished them, and added varnish, which was a pain.

The pink in the stars is 2 parts "raspberry" and 1 part "lavender", I think it works quite well with the black.

Used the black stars for a bracelet, together with two sizes of black wooden beads.


  1. Nytt försök att kommentera!

    Vad fint! Jag satt faktiskt och beundrade ditt armband på kräftskivan men jag skulle aldrig ha trott att det var hemgjort :)

  2. Tack! Det var faktiskt inte så svårt att göra dem. Om jag hade fattat tidigare, skulle jag ha dokumenterat lite tidigare skeden också.


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